Yehya Nasser



  • I am a mathematics tutor currently at Mathnasium and privately.

  • Past intern at The Boeing Company working on cool code for cool satellites!

  • Looking to hopefully go into the cybersecurity or general software development field and work on some projects that can make others happy.


  • I love video games. I am currently playing Final Fantasy XIV and Minecraft!

  • I frequent the arcade to play games like DDR and its obscure siblings Sound Voltex and Beatmania IIDX.

  • I am active member in the music game community, often hosting and organizing tournaments, such as Sound Voltex Vivid Debut, and the Spectrum Series DDR events!

  • Because of music games, I raised over $500 for the Brain and Behavior Research Foundation with the help of my friends and family during a charity livestream I hosted called Gaming for the Brains!